Born in Islington, North London. Remi developed a creative eye for compositions from an early age, when he first came in contact with a camera. “There was always a camera around the house, you would just pick it up, shoot something, and hope no one noticed.” Although he grew up surrounded by Art and being a talented and formally trained Fine Artist himself, Remi, went on to study for a degree in Engineering and later Computer science. “Those were my static years I guess”.
A series of events made Remi revisit his childhood passions and led him to train as a fine artist and eventually work as a graphic designer for over 15yrs. It was during this time he rediscovered his love for creating things. “My work has always been influenced in a way by my perception as a fine artist, and controlled by my discipline as a graphic designer” he says.
Remi describes his work as edgy and high-contrasting.
While Remi is comfortable behind a camera, a brush in his hands, a digital graphic pad he is always looking for new ways in which he can express what he calls “Fluid Creativity” and believes the process of learning never stops…especially for an artist.